I will be sharing spreadsheets for a few different variations of Vince Gironda… I got such great results from TNB that I was pumped to try your recommendations here...totally awesome...humbling with how little I could lift though...but man did I feel it!!! The Body Drag Curl. Some of his unique exercises included the bench press to the neck, the sternum chin up (touching the chest to the bar), "drag" curls and sissy squats with what he called a "Burlesque Bump." Vince Gironda is best known as a guru in the bodybuilding world, having worked with some of the best bodybuilders of his time. If you enjoy this info, be sure to check out the newly expanded 300 page by about Vince by Alan Palmieri – It’s called Vince Gironda Legend and Myth. The key here is to use parallel bars that are approx 32 inches wide. If you don’t have access to a V-dipping bar in your gym, all you need is the wide grip parallel bars. Vince Gironda was a sculptor. I think other exercises should be mastered first. Lower the bar and repeat. The video is worth a thousand words - plus it’s a rare glimpse at Vince in action. I was thinking about getting her a lighter barbell to start with. triceps = narrow grip. But there was always a method behind his madness; always a reason for every exercise and the way it was performed. Gironda pull-ups involve pulling all the way up and touching your chest /sternum to the bar and leaning back with an arch during the movement. Your email address will not be published. Vince Gironda believed that completely developed deltoids are the foundation for a great upper body. The following exercises are some of Vince’s favorites. 45-degree pulley row (aka “racing dive” lat pulls). A V-shaped set of dipping bars is also commonly used for this exercise. Gironda preferred this exercise because he said it developed the low pec line – which is the lower and outer section of the pectorals which defines the lower border and gives the pecs a “flare”, respectively. Vince’s list of […], Kelp: Vince’s Choice Supplement For Optimal Health & Maximum Definition, Vince Gironda was well known for his belief in supplementing the diet of the bodybuilder, simply because during modern times, over farming stripped the nutrients from the natural foods that we eat and that were supposed to provide these nutrients. The natural way is the only way! Most bodybuilders are very familiar with the seated cable row - a horizontal rowing movement. SHOULDERS: Dumbbell lateral raises - the shoulder “CAP” builder! Stubborn Fat And How To Get Rid Of It Pt.2, Stubborn Fat And How To Get Rid of It Pt.1. All you need is the wide grip parallel bars. www.CriticalBench.com/Vince-Gironda-Book-Sale, Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast Episode #2: Carlos DeJesus, Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast #1 Pete Siegel, Interview With Natural Bodybuilding Legend Skip LaCour, Pt.2, Tom Venuto Interviews Natural Bodybuilding Legend Skip Lacour, Mega-Muscle Interview with Hugo Rivera Pt 3, Mega-Muscle Interview with Hugo Rivera Pt 2. This is for bodybuilding purists. To an untrained eye a dip is a dip. Thanks for the memories. These are difficult to do properly and so the sternum chinup was not a typical beginner exercise in Vince’s program - it was something to work up to. 5 Famous Vince Gironda Exercises: Tom Venuto's Bodybuilding Secrets Blog. I’ll talk about that diet experiment in another article (and quite frankly, he promoted a lot of weird ideas about nutrition). Among them were the 10 by 10, 8 by 8, 6 by 6, 10-8-6-15, and 15 by 4 methods. Is Bodybuilding a Dysfunctional Vanity Sport? Vince’s training WAS progressive, as all good resistance training programs are, but it was not about how much weight was lifted. Stand erect with your feet 14 inches (35 cm) apart, your heels on a 2-inch (5-cm)-high block. That’s how Gironda churned out more bodybuilding champions from his North Hollywood studio than any other gym in America. Pull inward with the elbows wide. My coach believes in your approach too, true body building as an art. Think I will pop on over to the IC and get a thread going on it ;-). You see, with every exercise you perform, the goal should be to master the form, before you add the weights. 3. Really a striking muscle group. This exercise is a fantastic variation on the curl. The key to the physique he was after was smaller hips. In fact I bet dollars to donuts that if someone with "no butt" came into vinces gym hed have given them a squat specifically FOR that flat ass! by Iron Guru. He no longer trains athletes but I recognize all of these exercises and the drag curl I've never seen anywhere online before. This was one of the controversial Gironda exercises). I love the body drag curls and am looking forward to performing the chin-ups to chest, the V-bar dips as suggested by Vince in this post, and those high pulley rows. In the history of bodybuilding, there has been no greater body sculptor than the legendary Vince Gironda, who could not only pinpoint the exact muscle that needed sculpting but could also recommend an accurate movement to isolate this muscle and bring out its shape. Narrow dipping bars work more triceps. So without any further ado, let’s get to it.


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