DANGER ZONE! I got a even simpler recipe for raw chocolate pudding. That said, for a while, I started to feel like maybe it was just me, but your “voice” started to feel a little bit distant. I have to say, the combination of avocado (fat) with banana (sweet fruit) and almond butter (fat) gave me a painful and uncomfortable tummy ache for the remainder of the day. A perfect “chocolate” pick me up after a long day :). And not just share her stories, but to feel like her words are worth sharing. Your earlier posts were very vulnerable, and I think that raw honesty and just being yourself was a huge part of what helped draw so many loyal readers to your site. Fear I’ll never get back to you when I sign off. I am so glad you published your comment. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to think that well-established food blogs don’t have daily struggles but we’re all human and works-in-progress. I have thought of myself as a bad writer for over a decade because of it. I think you write beautifully, and I don’t think you need worry about saying the ‘right’ things. Isn’t it funny how we can defeat ourselves before even trying?”, This is something I struggle with every day, too… And I, too, was an epic childhood writer and storyteller! This one, however, I felt I really needed to comment on because I just loved it. It is brave to put your words out there without fear of how others will perceive them. Beautiful recipe – this is my favourite way of making a nutritious mousse. It’s so scary. Sometimes he would ask us to share a bit of what we wrote with our classmates and I would freeze up, rarely ever volunteering, even though I could see him glancing my way out of the corner of my eye. (Oh and I also made your latest caesar salad recipe–that dressing is unreal! Can’t get over how delicious it was – so indulgent but the ingredients are totally guiltless! I love everything you said in this post and it’s inspiring that through all of your accomplishments, you’re able to stay true to yourself. That’s so cool! That’s tough! Need to try this recipe. I absolutely love this pudding. I’ve stayed away from writing anything personal recently because I also have felt like, are my words really worth sharing? Tips: 1) You want to avoid using overly ripe, brown bananas in this recipe or the banana flavour will overwhelm. I completely get your fears, but your writing is what drew people to this blog in the first place (besides all the drool worthy food, of course!). xo C. I just remembered that I had an overly ripe avocado in my fridge and was trying to think of how to use it up. but i have a question. I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, and I’ve always been inspired by your blog and how your personality shines through in your writing. Especially after being such a long-time reader, I find it really bonding with your readers-so no worries! Our creative writing stories sound really similar. Looks delicious Angela – love the creaminess! This was delicious, simple and so healthy! Just hoping!!! I grew up with butter and eggs and flour! Luv, luv, luv that this is a healthy version of a high sugar and dairy dessert. Angela, You are so inspiring! I love your recipes! My husband has been encouraging me to write again for YEARS but I’ve been ignoring him. Maybe there is hope for my own blog. Thanks for your blog, I LOVE IT! Sometimes we get all caught up in what we think we should say, how something should be said, and what people want to hear, that we end up sounding disingenuous. Turn off heat and let sit for 5 minutes. Keep being you. Plus making it chocolate is a bonus! This is great! This is going to be our special Valentine’s Day treat (my son and husband will LOVE it) and I plan on making it for our next special occasion big family meal. Thank you for this reflection on writing. A banana cinnamon vanilla bean would probably be nice too. The reality is, although you are on that side of the screen and we are on this side, you are still a very real human being. Thank you Anna, that means a lot! it’s no big deal. Thank you for this post Angela! Not sure I will have the discipline to wait for a few hours for it to harden. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep on writing and posting your recipes even at this busy time in your life. Looks delicious! This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below. It’s possible to make a high carb, low fat sweet chocolate pudding using sweet potatoes. Started a company. I’m portuguese and I found this blog today. It’s so therapeutic and incredibly scary to be vulnerable to an audience. and it was a breath of fresh air to read your post. of dutch process cocoa. Hi Megan, I haven’t but I will definitely check it out. I used pb too because I don’t like ab, and it was still yummy. This has inspired me to get more creative with my writing as well. Hi Angela I absolutely adore your blog… I am a first time mom and I so enjoy reading your baby posts along with your blog posts…I keep looking at your blog every week eagerly waiting for your posts esp the baby one’s..needless to say your recipes are amazing…. I’m definitely going to make this tomorrow mmm x. I’m a freelance writer and editor and was just working with a client on freeing up the writing flow in her blog. I have a question though, I am allergic to almonds. You had a post about lunch ideas and I love that, I want more!! It was shared to family and friends I haven’t talked to in years. Will definitely make it again and again. I’ve been struggling with this same thing. and your life is wonderful. Hi Thanks for this recipe above. Thank you! We’re not just here because you post REALLY good food (my standard line, Angela never makes anything I don’t like =D), we’re also here because we like listening to what you have to say.


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