The M 160 has a hypercardioid polar pattern, which differs from the figure-8 pattern that is more common for ribbon mics, and it is often paired with its twin-sibling the Beyerdynamic M 130 (which has a figure-8 polar pattern) for Mid-Side recording purposes. The customer will also be given to options when purchasing this ribbon microphone, the first one being the bundle including just a microphone, and the second that will give you the microphone along with a shockmount that you can place it on by adding a few dollars to your purchase. Rode is another brand that provides the market with a very high-quality product that also boasts a lot of five-star reviews. To find out more about ribbon mics, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at (800) 222-4700. The original R84 was one of the earlier new-generation ribbon mic models, and the AEA R84A builds on that foundation by adding phantom-powered active electronics for a 12 dB hotter output so it works with a wider range of mic preamps and on quieter sound sources than non-powered ribbon mics. They’ll provide the speedy transient response you’re familiar with from condenser mics, but typically have a much warmer sound and smoother, less edgy high frequency response that makes them great for modern digital recording. It’s rather rare to get a microphone like this in any sort of color and it would certainly be a nice change to incorporate some color into the presumably black, white and gray studio spaces that many people seem to have. It’s showered relentlessly by five-star reviews from happy customers that have had great success with using the product and all of its features. Whatever purpose you will end up using this ribbon microphone for, you can be sure that it will be a faithful representative of products of its category and truly one of the most quality purchases you can make! While there are many microphones that are great for vocals, ribbon mics complement your voice in many incredible ways. At Sweetwater, the legendary RCA 44 commands reverence. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Anyone who is looking forward to enrich their studio spaces with some warm and rich sounds like that of a ribbon microphone will find it comforting to know that Beyerdynamic is one of the brands that has lasted the longest on the music market and provides us with some of the ideal gear for both performing and recording purposes! This is a highly sensitive microphone that will capture all the sounds you play immediately without any delay. , The price ranges from 120$-140$ and is the ideal for anyone that wants to take out the microphone on a test run to see if the warm sounds are suitable for their style of playing while still trying a quality product to do that with. To add to that, Golden Age also supplies all of their customers that purchase this ribbon microphone with a travel case and mic cable. On top of that, the TG Microphone gives you two voicings, A and B. Mode A is ideal for tracking vocals… They are able to cut out harsh sounds and make them sound more pleasant and attractive to the listener. They also don’t give out a high-frequency bump that USB condenser mics tend to do to enhance their clear and crisp sound. Regardless, they are made of a very thin strip of aluminum material that is suspended within a magnetic gap. It easily keeps the finish safe from any accidents that can happen when recording live and knocking the mic off. We took it upon ourselves to help you with the search for your ideal ribbon mic. One side of the KSM313 provides a brighter... NEWS: Royer Labs has been given a GRAMMY award for their outstanding ribbon mics! They are a very flexible recording and performance device that can be used for many things if you know how to set it up! Pros:
 + shockmount available + faithful reproduction of sounds + quick response time. It has a warm and smooth tone that is backed up by ultimate clarity of sound. If you're more of a rapper than a singer, head over to our review of the greatest mics for rapping here. However, if you're interested in the comparisons between ribbon, dynamic mics and condenser mics, you can skip right to the middle, where you'll find our FAQ! As with other figure-8 mics, the exceptional side rejection of the Cloud 44-A can be very useful when trying to avoid picking up bleed from nearby sound sources, such as when recording someone who is playing acoustic guitar while simultaneously singing. It definitely makes its away as our Great Value choice, simply because you get a great bundle for a fantastic price! Royer R-121. Few people — or studios — have a mic collection that can even begin to rival that of Ocean Way-owner Allen Sides. Beyerdynamic uses a pair of aluminum ribbons in the M 160 for increased sensitivity. Why We Liked It - Rode’s microphone is one of the leading quality microphones out there, not only because of all the useful features that it has built in (like the internal shockmount) but also because of the rich and warm sound that it provides everyone with. From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. We're sure you'll find a few worthy contestants here that will even lead to a final purchase! Some name it as one of the top mics out there, and it can be easily used to record and reproduce nearly all sounds and tones that you could ask for. There are two types of sound engineers: those who love ribbon mics, and those who haven’t used them yet. It has been proven that this ribbon mic can withstand quite a lot of accidental damage while still retaining its sound and quality intact. The warm and clear sound helps keep your sound sources sound believable and faithful to the original sound being produced. The 44 sounded so sweet on brass - and just about everything... Get dual-purpose performance from Shure's KSM313 ribbon microphone! The MXL R144 is the ribbon mic of choice for outstanding vocal and acoustic instrument recordings. The Royer R-121 is a big part of the modern ribbon mic success story, and it’s been a …


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