According to the World Owl Trust, owls are opportunists and will eat whatever they find. They can eat from small mammals to large birds as well as reptiles, amphibians and even insects. A barn owl will usually swallow small prey items whole. But keep in mind that the laws about Owl ownership vary from country to country. Barn owls diet contains mostly small rodents, such as mice, voles, field rats, pocket gophers, and moles. Sometimes they hunt small birds, frogs, reptiles, beetles and bats. Like a swamp owl, the barn owls feed mainly on rodents. Although barn-owls eat mostly mice and meadow voles, they also consume shrews, rats and, when other food is scarce, small birds. Great horned owls, common in North and South America, eat skunks, raccoons, squirrels, falcons, other owls and even dogs and cats. Sometimes they eat crayfish, large insects, small birds, and other small mammals. Generally, Owls eat rodents, small mammals, and/or insects. They occasionally eat insects, amphibians and reptiles. Barn Owls eat mostly small nocturnal mammals such as voles, rats, mice, lemmings, shrews, and small rabbits. So, what do baby owls and adult owls eat? Great Horned Owl … Barn owls have round/disc-like faces and brownish-black eyes. These birds feed entirely on living animals with the size of the prey proportional to the size of the bird, from insects to mammals as large as hares. Some species specialize in other food, such as fish. Common throughout the United States and in Europe, barn owls eat primarily rodents but also shrews, bats and rabbits and birds. Aw, i love owls :3 but here's the answer to your question. How fast can a barn owl fly? In the USA and Australia, it is illegal to own a native Owl. Barn owls hunt small ground creatures including mice shrews and sometimes baby rabbits amongst other animals. They can be found in most places; however, they tend to like open woodland areas rather than forests. Owls have a wide range of diet. Barn owls fly buoyantly and slowly while foraging for prey at … For a day, one barn eats about 3-4 rodents, and a year it needs more than a thousand mice. Small birds and bats are rare in a Barn Owl’s diet. Common throughout the united states and in europe barn owls eat primarily rodents but also shrews bats and rabbits and birds. What do barn owls eat. Common barn owls. What Do Barn owls Eat? Small booty eats small prey immediately, and the one that weighs more than 100 grams, takes in a secluded place and dismembers. Thus, baby owls can eat just about any animal matter provided the prey is pulled apart and torn to pieces. 6. What Do Baby Owls Eat. A Barn Owl for instance may eat mice, rats and voles. The type of food owls eat depends on the species of the owl. Feeding Habits What Owls Eat.


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