Again, although it may seem far removed, learning this skill at a young age will help a child cope right into adulthood and in the working world. Learn how your comment data is processed. While using the Kidzlane metal detector, a whole new world is opened up for discovering and problem-solving because it doesn’t just end with the beeping; they then have to find the object that is making the metal detector go off! She wants to make cookies, she asks me. Tanja Mcilroy is the creator of Empowered Parents, and has a background in early childhood education. The entire subject of mathematics is based on solving problems. When we ask for help from our kids we are allowing them to feel needed and giving them an opportunity to be responsible. Empty out the cutlery drawer for a clean, mix all the utensils up and then sort into knives, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc. Then, read on to explore why learning to problem solve is so important during the various stages of life. When looking for preschool problem-solving activities, remember the preschoolers’ developmental level. If you’re a parent who wants to see your child’s development flourish through 100% play-based activities, then this free guide is for you! As she did this it turned into her remembering who had the pufferfish and that they could help her! It is like learning to play an instrument or picking up a new language – it’s just much easier and more natural at an early age. They are constantly crawling around the floor in the car discovering treasures! If you turn over a matching pair you keep the cards and if the pair doesn’t match, turn the cards back over until it is your turn to try again. The kids absolutely love this metal detector! Construction toys such as engineering blocks, wooden blocks or Legos should be a daily staple in your home. When she is not blogging she is spending time with her family and running around drinking Diet Coke trying to get everything done! to teach the skill of following rules and moving in a logical sequence. There aren’t many situations in life, at work or at school that don’t require some level of problem resolution. Yes, it is 100% faster to get the broom or mop and do it myself, but it doesn’t teach them! is recommended from 5 years of age, it can still be played with a younger child if a parent is explaining and playing together with the child. Treasure Hunt. Introduce your child to hidden picture books and "Where's Wally/Waldo" books. This has helped her in life. If we take a look at the steps involved in solving a problem, we can see that there are many layers involved and different types of skills (source). 9 times out of 10 she wins now (and no we don’t help her!). Whether it be a liquid or some goldfish, it all makes a mess! Draw a big maze on the paving with jumbo chalk. Someone is bound to spill something at least once a day! Hi Kelly, Please download the activity pack on this page:, Your email address will not be published. Try these ideas and activities with your preschooler to develop important problem-solving skills. Using the brain to think and find solutions is a bit like working a muscle over time. From building the tallest tower to even building a farm with a very big fence to hold all the animals in, these skills (while they think of it as fun play) are teaching them to solve problems! And not only will they love them, but they will also have no idea that they are developing problem solving skills! Michele is a Family Life Educator with her degree in marriage and family studies. The language you use around your child and your questioning technique will also greatly affect their understanding of a problem or challenge as merely.


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