I have been using Aloe vera in the morning, F1 shake in the … Most people are saying it tastes bad but I just stick it in my morning shake and I don't taste it that way. I used it to lose weight. This is the goal of the 21 day challenge. I have been on this product for only a few weeks and I am already seeing results. The results can help potential users to determine whether it is worthy to spend their money buying Herbalife … I can only reflect on my personal experience with the product. I have dropped from 114 kg (Jun17) to 87 kg (Sep18). I wanna cry I am so happy with this product. I cant wait to see my results … I have lost a few pounds and my tummy is shrinking. Herbalife Results. Simply put, we are the producers of top quality, scientifically formulated products; … Drink three Herbalife shakes each day for 3 weeks. Herbalife is a global nutrition company dedicated to helping people around the world lead a healthy, active lifestyle. The DocWire News article entitled “Herbalife ‘Scam’ Weight Loss Product Associated with Fatal Liver Failure,” published online November 25, 2019, referred to in the first paragraph and … HESCA or Healthy & Smart Choice Advocates conducted reviews about the different products of Herbalife. In addition, the challenge is that you are giving up food … They say it takes approximately 21 days to change a habit.


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