This has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with the latitude in which the animal lives: Things being equal, our weights will be lower than the weights of similar Katahdins raised in Canada, but higher than ones raised in Florida. Generally, hair breeds are more heat tolerant than wool breeds. while our Bunny is a sweet bottle baby with a blue marker on her back. We’ve found that while genetics play an important role in weight gains, flock management, parasite control, forage quality and forage availability seem to be more important when it comes to the bottom line. Katahdin Sheep The Katahdin is a heavy muscled, medium sized, easy-care meat type sheep. Katahdin sheep will strip the bark from cedars, pines and any deciduous tree that has smooth, immature bark. As a bit of trivia, the majority of cull ewes the U.S. exports go to the Mexico City area. To be successful, you must sell quality, and I stress quality animals; send anything else to slaughter. Rather than stay in a group, they will scatter in all directions like a covey of quail. This may or may not be the case in other states. People converting to hair sheep breeds all notice certain things. Our orphan officially has a name. The Katahdin breed does not have the odd flavor that most people associate with lamb, because Katahdins do not have wool, therefore the lanolin is not present to affect the flavor of the meat. For example, we consider time spent worming, shearing, docking and trimming hooves as merely maintaining an operation.If this same time is spent building homestead fencing, water systems, improving lambing or handling facilities, it’s improving an operation. The first generation grows quite well due to the heterosis effect, but nearly always has a wool coat. Since this is a hair sheep, they have less wool and the body produces less lanolin. Fact: While it’s true that Barbados and St. Croix are small animals (ewes 80-110 pounds), few commercial breeders raise them. We both work off the farm; therefore time is a commodity in short supply. Though many people taste no difference between the two, meat from Katahdin hair sheep often appeals to people who don’t normally eat lamb from wool sheep. Katahdin sheep and Dorper are bred as meat sheep breeds. Fact: In central Missouri, raising sheep for wool has been a losing proposition for a number of years. While we’ve missed out on export sales the last several years because of retaining ewes to increase flock numbers, Mexican buyers will be coming by this spring. Many Greeks eat lamb for Easter, which is not always the same date as the traditional Easter. We may be partial to the breed, but we’re not raising a hobby flock. This is a very good article to read and understand the secrets of Raising Katahdin Sheep, Your email address will not be published. Our experienced ewes averaged 2.1 lambs/ewe born with 1.9 weaned. While Dorper sheep are considered a hair breed, I’ve found a large number have quite a bit of wool or curly fibers in their coat. © 2020, Countryside - All Rights Reserved, Extract Natural Dye for Wool from Goldenrod Plants, Why Teach Classes on How to Knit, Spin, Weave or Felt, Countryside Machinery on the Homestead e-edition Flip Book. Required fields are marked *. This behavior causes problems with maintaining desirable trees unless protection is provided. Katahdin lambs produce a high quality, well-muscled carcass that is naturally lean and consistently offers a very mild flavor. Three ewes needed assistance lambing (one got it, the other two didn’t and lost their lambs), one of which was 8 years old. For a number of years, there has been a good export market for ewe lambs going to Mexico. Since hair sheep don’t have a heavy wool coat, they can’t take the cold. When the weather’s hot and the pastures are dry, their wool animals will be under a tree while the hair animals are out grazing. Hogget – The sheep meat at second year(two permanent incisors teeth) Mutton – The older sheep meat (more than two permanent incisors teeth) Nowadays Lamb is the most consumed form of sheep meat as it is the most tender meat. They aren't afraid of people and they continue to elude the small dogs. Katahdin sheep are perfect for people who want to raise easy-care livestock, says Jim Morgan, breed secretary for the Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI). Anymore (at least in Missouri) it’s the carcass quality that sets the price. Blue Ribbon Bunny got her title via Disney's Sophia The First, who also has a blue ribbon bunny named Clover. They exhibit a natural tolerance of climatic extremes and are capable of high performance in areas that vary in geography, temperature, and humidity, as well as feed and forage systems. By John Kirchhoff – For many people, mentioning hair sheep evokes either “I wouldn’t have anything else” or a “No way would I have them” response. Breeders often use less-expensive Katahdin ewes to initiate an upgrading program with registered Dorper as the final goal. Sophia's blue ribbon bunny is an actual bunny, while our Bunny is a sweet bottle baby with a blue marker on her back. It’s important to have an animal that’s “pure” or unaltered for sacrifice in observance of many holidays. We are fortunate that buyers for the large ethnic market in St. Louis often attend sales. Unlike Katahdins, sheep with wool produce a wax called lanolin which adds a distinct odor, taste and greasiness to the lamb meat. High latitudes (up north) have a short growing season with long daylight periods and fast grass growth that is high in protein and low in fiber. Most Muslims prefer intact ram lambs without tails being docked. Several Polypay owners in the area worm all animals 6-8 times during the summer and still lose animals to stomach worms. University of South Dakota research found it requires 250-300 pounds of dry matter forage to produce each pound of wool. To appeal to ethnic buyers, it often requires a change in flock management. Our sheep are just cross breds, some are colored & mulit cycling, ram Is a texel cross, my HD never really liked store bought lamb as he didn't like the strong taste, ours however are really good eating, not overly fat, very tasty without having that strong lamby taste, my girls don't like lamb & ive told them numerous times it is beef & they haven't noticed:) Flock owners with less than 50 animals have a difficult time getting someone to shear unless they pool their animals with neighbors. November/December 2003 and regularly vetted for accuracy. They do get tough with age, but I've eaten a 3 year old Navajo Churro ram that was great ground (chops were too tough to enjoy). If you’re grazing crop-field aftermath, their coat will pick up trash where a Katahdin won’t. We've counted at least 6 little fuzzy bunnies running around. This market presented difficulties such as lambing in the dead of winter, having lambs large enough (especially when Passover comes early) and pooling with your neighbors to find enough lambs for a truckload. Hair sheep or primitive breeds like Navajo Churro do not have lanolin and taste great even if many years old. As we disperse all our crossbreeds, we’ve found the crossbred cull ewes with a wool coat have sold for 50-75 percent of what comparable weight hair ewes bring. At lower latitudes (down south), summer daylight periods are shorter, the temperature higher, grass growth is slower and is lower in protein and higher fiber. Bosnians want 60-pound animals while Muslims often prefer 60-80 pound animals. Lamb from hair sheep has a wonderful, mild taste. The Katahdin is an improved breed of hair sheep, the first hair breed to meet North American industry standards for meat. We find it’s seldom necessary to trim hooves. Docking tails is unnecessary, although you still see some “old timers” that dock just because they always have. Many ethnic groups want a much different lamb or goat than has been marketed in the past. Katahdins are excellent mothers raising multiple lambs. A ewe’s wool will pay her winter feed bill. ), more intense selection for increased body length and a ewe flock of around 160-175 ewes. Unlike Katahdins, sheep with wool produce a wax called lanolin which adds a distinct odor, taste and greasiness to the lamb meat. More on that subject later. Sure enough, he’s been trimming hooves.


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