Spending quiet time in the same room (e.g., reading, watching television) as your budgie is a good way to start the bonding process. The more bonded your budgie is to you, the more effort he will put into learning how to talk and communicate with you. If you have a female cockatiel or budgie/parakeet, it’s very unlikely your pet bird will talk at all. Parakeets can talk just like other pet birds. Every time you pass by your parakeet, stop a minute and talk to it. By Janine Logue. Present a calm and gentle attitude so that he or she will develop a bond with you and learn to trust you. Developing a bond with your budgie is essential to teaching him how to talk. Parakeets mimic very fast, so talk slowly or his impression of you could sound like garbled nonsense. 1. With patience and consistency your feathered family member can provide years of talking fun. Bond with your budgie. If you repeat the same phrases or noises (such as whistles) when you do talk to your bird, he or she may even start saying them him or herself. These birds have the ability to speak and people get a kick out of hearing them talk in phrases. The first step to teaching your bird to talk is to bond with your feathered friend and form reasonable expectations of it. The most effective way to teach your budgie and/or parakeet to talk is to talk to him. Talk to your parakeet a lot. Talk to your parrot often in a soft tone. To determine if your bird is a good candidate for speech training, do a bit of research on your pet's species. A World of Petcare indicates that speaking in a gentle and soft tone will help your bird develop trust when it comes to handling them. i parrots image by KtD from Fotolia.com. Develop trust. Here are some ideas about teaching your pet bird to talk. A pet bird is most likely to talk if it is a naturally vocal species, and it is still young. The parakeet is a cute, colorful and friendly member of the parrot family. Not all bird species can talk, and even those that have the ability sometimes choose not to use it. How to Teach a Ringneck Parrot to Talk. Though not all species of parrot are capable of talking, the Indian Ringneck parakeet is generally an excellent talker. Will your pet bird learn to talk? Teaching your parakeet to say words requires a lot of time and patience. Teaching a Parakeet to Talk. Your parakeet needs to hear a word or phrase several times before he'll attempt to mimic it. How to Train a Parakeet to Whistle.


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