Fill in your postal code (four numbers, two letters: for example 3000AB) and click on the banner that says ‘ Zoek Huisartsen ’. can cover your medical bills. For recommended GP's, see list below (under the heading General practitioner for international students). We'll tell you what to do next. If you're not eligible for direct entry onto the GP Register, we'll grant your full registration and then tell you whether you can apply for entry onto the GP Register through specialty equivalence. When choosing a GP it’s probably most convenient to have one close to home. Please send us a Bewijis van inschrijving in een Specialistenregister (certificate of recognition and registration/certificate of entry in the Specialist Register). If you register with a GP before you fall ill, you will save yourself a lot of hassle! Please send us a Getuigschrift van met goed gevolg afgelegd artsexamen (university certificate of doctor) issued by Faculteit Geneeskunde (Faculty of Medicine). A general practitioner is called a 'huisarts' in Dutch. If you're not eligible for direct entry onto the Specialist Register, we'll grant your full registration and then tell you whether you can apply for entry onto the Specialist Register through specialty equivalence. The GP also cares for patients with chronic illnesses. It contains information on just about everything to do with the town or city you live in. The documents you will need to send to us for entry onto the GP Register depend on the date on which you started your GP training: From 31 December 1994. So, by having this consultation before you get sick, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises, Walk-in hours will usually be early in the morning, To attend a walk-in session, you should simply go to your GP’s office and await your turn with the other patients, To make an appointment with your doctor, you must call in, and arrange an appointment, Unless the doctor has been called out on an emergency, you will probably not have to wait more than 15 minutes to see them when you arrive for your appointment, It is important to note that, sometimes, you will only be able to make an appointment in the morning in the Netherlands, For simple questions, or to request a refill for your, , it might be more straightforward for you to use the ‘, Most Dutch doctors have a consultation hour, During this hour, you can call in and speak to your doctor, or his or her assistant, A doctor’s assistant will have received special training, so do not worry about them being under-qualified, If you can, you should head straight to the hospital and go to the ‘SEH’department. How to register with a GP in the Netherlands. The positive differences our work had on stakeholders last year. Trade union and professional organisation: Government Address: Postbus 3173 6401 DR Heerlen Phone number: 0031 70 340 66 00 Fax: Contact person: E-mail: via contact form ( You can make an appointment to meet the doctor before registering, to assess their suitability for your needs. If you're eligible for direct entry onto the GP Register as set out below and you do not already hold full registration, you should apply for full registration with a licence to practise and entry onto the GP Register at the same time. This must be issued by the BIG-register, or the competent authority of the EEA country or Switzerland where you are now working. You can ask your GP for recommendations too. There are two ways in which your Dutch insurance company can cover your medical bills. . Please remember to bring proof of health insurance (i.e., your insurance card) when registering. . With this policy, your insurance company will pay your medical bills directly, b) Health care insurance based on ‘restitution’. Parents living or working the Netherlands with children under the age of 18 are eligible for child benefits. Some practices will allow you to register online. If your GP does decide that you need some medicine, he or she will issue you a prescription. This means that if you are concerned about your illness, or you would like some extra information about it, you need to ask them explicitly! Email: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – temporary registration, Information about this process and what happens next, Apply for a certificate of good standing from us, Guidance on balancing your beliefs with those of your patients, Related guidance and resources to help with ethical issues, We're introducing the MLA from 2024, find out what it means for you, Supporting learners with disabilities and long term health conditions, Details on our processes and where you can go for support, Help to raise your concern in the right way, The state of medical education and practice in the UK 2020, Data on the register, revalidation, education and fitness to practise. Your GP will tell the hospital about your condition and make sure someone is ready to receive you when you arrive, You will hear a taped message in Dutch, giving you the number of an on-duty doctor, The message might also give you the number of the local emergency line: the ‘, They may be able to offer you advice and care over the phone themselves, They can also give you the phone number of the nearest doctor on duty, If you need to see a doctor outside of office hours, another option is to contact the ‘, Often, many GPs from a particular region join forces to cover evenings, nights and weekends, Each of these regional offices has a single, central number you can call, The phone will be answered by a doctor’s assistant, or a GP, You will discuss your condition with them, and the two of you will determine whether you need to see a doctor. All the GPs in your neighbourhood are shown on this website. The best place to start your search for a doctor is in your own neighborhood. The Netherlands is a well-run, innovative and modern place to live while still maintaining ... Cycling in Holland is the most common thing. This is called a ‘restitutie’ policy in Dutch. Chat to us, Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm. The best place to start your search for a doctor is in your own neighborhood. Please send us a certificate of acquired rights for general medical practice.


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