Quote More History; Done. Pros: Shantotto is well incredibly strong for a 4* mage, she's arguably the best one we got. Quote More History; Done. Shantotto is fought as a boss in World of Final Fantasy. I think it's either her or Alisaie who will be doing that job through the rest of Cosmos, and Alisaie has less of a known future with no EX+ at present. 03:14, September 18, 2020. 9 Shantotto (FFXI) via dualshockers.com. Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Thread… Search Thread . Save changes Preview Cancel. Display. In any case you can use Shantotto for several months now, until Chaos, and then get use out of her again next year when she gets EX+ and imperilers get a buff. As a Tarutaru Black Mage, her attacks are centered around her ability to cast devastating, high-level magic called Ancient Magic. also im pretty sure squall is as strong a lightning and sora should be weaker than squall? and early is a huge plus for her. Shantotto has problems as a XI rep, since she's primarily bound to one of the 3 starter cities, so it's entirely possible to play a lot of the game without even meeting her, and she's rarely if ever involved in major story events. Save changes Preview Cancel. Thread Tools. As far as Shantotto’s power level goes, power levels in the crossover games are all over the place. 1 Stats 1.1 Port Besaid 1.2 The Sunken Temple 2 Formations Cause of her ability to use -ga spells, at a mere 4* most units don't get their -ga spells into 5* but for her to do them so fast. In the form of her HP attacks, Shantotto can throw spells like Freeze and Tornado at her opponent. So is Shantotto evil? 0 Kudos Stupits. … These chains are ST instead of AoE so even against multi boss type enemies you can't collect "more" crysts than you would usually. The first mainline multiplayer Final Fantasy game, the game definitely didn't disappoint. We delve into the realm of MMORPGs again — this time in the world of Final Fantasy XI. Livid Shantotto can be used as a chainer and currently it'll be very strong IF you can pull it off. wait why is warrior of light only 5a in the profile Loading editor. She also has a amazing coverage in spells. However, getting 16 LB each turn to keep your chains up for two copies of her seems unlikely unless you have a heavy LB team. Advanced Search. Linear Mode; Switch to Hybrid … Shantotto makes a guest appearance representing the Final Fantasy XI series. One of the characters introduced in this game is Shantatto — an innocuous-looking Black Mage with immense power that can't even be imagined. Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3. Jump to page: Results 21 to 25 of 25 Thread: So is Shantotto evil? 0 Kudos Stupits. So I don’t know if this is a good argument for Shantotto. She's fun and powerful, but rarely of major consequence - kinda like the XI equivalent of the VI train suplex scene. but not sure Loading editor. Tidus and Vaan have no business being strong enough to go toe to toe with Sephiroth either but everyone is balanced out for gameplay purposes. 03:17, September 18, 2020.


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