You want the veggies completely submerged under the brine. Hot sauce will keep refrigerated for at least 2 months. You’ll need about 1 pound in total. Check out our Fermentation Weight Guide. Learn how to make a fermented hot sauce – a simple way to enhance and preserve your abundance of garden chilies to use throughout the winter. >> More. I use fine ground sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt . My passion is in creating new and exciting recipes for all things fermented. I’ve wanted to make a Homemade Blueberry Hot Sauce for many years now. Could I use that brine for other things? You will know it is fermenting by the cloudy brine ( see notes)  and little bubbling and activity. Leave tip open in the fridge. If you need to add more brine, remember to use the ratio of 1 teaspoon salt per 1 cup of water. Iggy Pop the Chinese Crested gets into the canning fun. Thinking mango or pineapple habanero. For those who wing it. Also, keep in mind, the fermentation will mellow the heat a little. You can use bell peppers to temper the hot chilis if you want a milder version. Because this is stored in the fridge ( after making)  it will remain healthy and active, continuing to ferment at a very slow rate. Too much salt will kill all the bacteria and the chilies won’t ferment. Professional chef, former restaurant owner and caterer, here is where I share hundreds of seasonal, globally-inspired, VEGGIE-DRIVEN recipes.Let's start cooking together! I went went to open my pepper mixture today and there was mold growing on the water filled bag that is there to keep the veggies under the brine Any thoughts on why that happened? The mash taste is rather strong, and this is a very hot sauce. Let cool to room temp. Some batches are naturally cloudier than others, but all are safe to consume. Fill a 2-quart jar with any type of hot chili, onions, garlic and sliced carrot. A lovely way to use up all the chilis in your garden (or a way to try out all the beautiful varieties at the farmers market) and a healthy way to bring more healthy probiotics into your life! Add whatever combination of peppers, fruit, or vegetables, top it with your pickling liquid, and let it sit for two to three weeks. Lacto-fermenting the peppers with pineapple knocks a bit (a bit, this is still a really hot sauce) of the edge off the chiles while adding an umami complexity. Place the fermented peppers, onions, garlic and carrot into a blender. The hotter, the better. For example, I prefer not to mix red and green peppers (which equal brown) but up to you. PNW Chef & 2018 Saveur Blog Awards Finalist! I had aphids over my peppers when I harvested them and washed them with soap to rid the pests. We design kits to make it really easy and fun to prepare foods like fermented hot sauces, kraut, kimchi, bagels, cheese & so much more. I have the best luck with using in squeeze bottles and leaving the cap off in the fridge. You could easily halve this recipe or use two, quart-sized jars. Put it on your tacos and anything else that needs a boost of heat! But feel free to use any kind you want or a blend. Now before you feel intimidated – know that this only takes 20 minutes of actual hands-on time and no special equipment. It should be just at the top where veggies would have contact with air? The heat level will mellow a bit with time, as it continues to ferment in the fridge. Lactic acid prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. After fermenting, add optional seasonings to taste. Layer all into a 2 quart jar. 15-20 habanero peppers, seeds and ribs removed. To temper the heat, feel free to add a similar colored bell pepper. But you are correct, really nice flavor. Thanks, Blend until smooth and then add white vinegar to taste. Add the vinegar if using, (and sugar if you prefer a sweeter hot sauce like Sriracha), and more brine to desired thickness. Lactic acid prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. BE WARNED! Rate this recipe I used to have a hot sauce collection in the long ago and far away time before corn, and I had a blueberry hot sauce in it. Over time the cloudiness can settle out of the brine to the bottom of the jar. The result is a hot, tangy, deeply complex and shockingly orange hot sauce that will satisfy your high-heat craving. You can use bell peppers to temper the hot chilis if you want a milder version. Tip: habanero peppers are super hot, we strongly recommend wearing gloves while preparing this recipe. Place it in a cute bottle if you like, and refrigerate. If you need more water to cover or fill the jar, use 1 teaspoons salt per cup of warm water. Top with lid and airlock (Need help? Various strains of bacteria are present on the surface of all plants, especially ones growing close to the ground. And then lightly close the lid, place the jar in a bowl or pan to catch any liquid that may spill over, and place in a cool dark place. I wanna make my husband some hot sauce for Christmas this year.


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