The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women over age 45 weigh 20 to 25 pounds more than they did in their 20s. Lisa holds a personal trainer certification through the University of Alaska Anchorage, with more than 4,000 hours of hands-on experience working with a variety of client needs, from sports teams to post-rehab populations and weight loss, in one-on-one, small group and large group settings. For two years, she co-edited Austin Fit Magazine, the city's first and only monthly magazine dedicated to keeping residents fit, active, and healthy. Diet-wise, it's also important to eat less sugar, processed foods and refined grains if you want to lose weight after 40. One great exercise is the "plank." ), “I’ve found that doing crunches on a stability ball three to four times per week has not only helped to reduce my belly fat—it’s started the beginnings of a six-pack! For example, I tried to walk with friends around the park or treat myself to a smoothie afterward. MORE: Over 40? Exercise-wise, try adding in intervals with spurts of higher intensity work, incorporating weight training into your fitness regimen (if you haven't already) and just generally exercising more than you did in your 30s. Cardiovascular exercise is incredibly critical for women over 40; now is the time to cultivate intense, regular cardio habits if you want to look and feel your best. Since you hit age 45, you may be having a harder time keeping off weight. E Medicine Health: What is Resistance Training? Resistance training can help you get your strength back and tone your muscles, which then helps you burn more calories. Terms of Use Leaf Group Ltd. As a hardworking entrepreneur, water aerobics and Tai Chi keep my life low-stress, which helps ward off weight gain. and I got rid of it by walking briskly for 45 minutes in the morning, five days a week. When it comes to shedding stubborn belly fat after 40, there’s some bad news and some good news. I’ll repeat that three times, resting in between each round." 7 Women Share The One Thing That Finally Helped Them Lose Weight, 5 Women Explain How Walking Helped Them Finally Lose Weight, These Were The Hottest Workouts For Women Over 40 In 2017, 6 Women Share The Secrets That Helped Them Lose 20 Pounds Or More, 5 Women Reveal The One Thing That Helped Them Finally Quit Drinking Soda. According to Pamela Peeke, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, one of the most important factors that affect metabolism is muscle mass, and as women get older, muscle mass tends to decrease. No surprise, I developed belly fat. You’ll complete the following: 10 – 12 reps of dumbbell squats 10 – 12 reps of dumbbell rows 10 – 12 reps of dumbbell bench press 10 – 12 reps of dumbbell deadlifts 10 … Prevention participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. ), "The thing that helped me lose belly fat and keep it off is mixing up my workouts. Chronic joint pain can attack … © Shutterstock. With this combination, I’ve never looked—or felt—better than I do now.” —Donna Mills, 76, actor. Six months later, my belly was back in shape.” —Kaye Newton, 47, author of Incision Decisions: A Guide to Getting Through Surgery, (Customize your own walking plan with Walk Your Way to Better Health and lose up to 5x more belly fat! Her work has appeared in Forbes, Backpacker, USA Today, Austin Monthly, the Austin American-Statesman, Texas Highways, and elsewhere.


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