Even though he was once deprived of an education because of financial constraints, Mr. Toh did not let this faze him. All that I earned was given to my mother for raising the family.” Toh Soon Huat, entering the society at his juvenile age, had experienced the worldly problems during his part time jobs. Email: tpyam@yahoo.com . We rented a furniture store of 70 sq m. We worked day and night, doing every function from sales/delivery to financing/admin as we could not afford to hire any staff. 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Toh Soon Huat started his tough journey of running his business by chance. Less than a week later, on June 3, WE Holdings Ltd's Chairman, Mr Terence Tea, sold 20 mln shares to Dr Toh Soon Huat. Toh took over “Sian Chay Medical Institution which is a charity organization with over a century’s history. After quitting school, Toh Soon Huat started to earn money with many part time jobs . However, in between trades, Mr. Toh has remained an active investor in other companies. This was preceded by an increase of 14.2 thousand deemed shares of the same company in May of 2015. He is committed to growing the network of clinics and wellness centres all over Singapore. Mr. Toh served as the Executive Director of Jubilee Industries Holdings Ltd. from April 2013 to July 2014. Every word in the books is his heartfelt voice, “Choose Sian Chay out of compassion, choose to accept out of release, choose to shoulder the responsibility out of karma, choose to contribute out of gratitude, choose universal love out of life.”. In 2014, Mr. Toh came on strong as a substantial shareholder of Singapore eDevelopment Limited (SeD) after he acquired 30 million SeD shares cum-rights. Toh Soon Huat is the corporate veteran and investor with a heart and an outstretched hand willing to help. He mobilised  several friends to organsie a fundraising TV show “Love beyond borders” in only four days and raised S$10.27 million. 2 talking about this. Many people thought it was foolish to sell my company and do something which is tiring but not profitable. All these achievements are under the leadership of Dr. Toh Soon Huat. Dr Toh is the Executive Chairman of Novena Foundation, an investment holding company and a Non-Executive Director of SGX-listed Jubilee Industries Holdings Limited. It is a Singapore-based investment holding company which operates through its three segments, International Property Development, Information Technology Related Businesses, and Capital Market Services in Singapore, Australia and the United States. Toh Soon Huat: Mindful Compassion , Bountiful Universal love. Indeed experience is a treasure. Record of Interview with Chairman Toh Soon Huat . It was then when Sian Chay Medical Institution, founded since 1901, was on the brink of collapse due to weak operations. Now that he is in a position to help, he took it upon himself to help others. Singapore 389549, Setting up a million dollar bursary gift of love, Sian Chay Medical Institution donated $10,000 in support of charitress fund-raising activity, Result of Sian Chay Medical Institution Result Draw@ Gain City. My friend claimed that he was very familiar with furniture industry went he is actually not; and could not get goods anyway. He has more than three decades of experience in business development, particularly in the area of branding and retail. It serves around 1,200 patients daily and supported 4 wellness centres providing various physical and mental wellness activities to 10,000 residents. Career Managing director Novena Furnishing Center, Singapore, since 1985. I really cannot bear to see it shutting down. However, it was his struggle to make ends meet that fueled his passion for helping others in the same situation.


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