Start screwing the pieces together to match your design. At a glance, this is a great accent shelf for modern and contemporary interiors that have that unique industrial twist in their designs. It has a simple metal pipe frame with no unnecessary additions or accessories and two sturdy shelves crafted from faux wood laminate planks. In this case there’s a clear and strong contrast between the pipes which have this metallic finish and are thin and slender and the shelves which are made of wood and are quite thick. they’ve made their way into the world of interior design and quite successfully, DIY pipe shelves being among the most popular of subjects. DIY Pipe Shelves. The metal pipe frame is paired with three shelves made of solid wood with an antiqued finish. You could build individual shelves out of pipes, fittings and a solid wood board. Not all DIY pipe shelves or shelving units follow the same design guidelines. Once all support brackets are screwed into the walls, screw any bottom flanges into the floor, if needed. Find a stud for as many of the support brackets as possible. Speaking of pipe shelving and how incredibly versatile it is, there’s also this nice project on mindfullygray that you might enjoy checking out. The top shelf is perfect for displaying artwork or tall objects on and the lights literally put the spotlight on them. Learn more. This is a three-tier staggered shelf and it’s meant to be eye-catching and decorative more than anything else. This wall shelf for example has a simple and modern design with just the right amount of detail. If you’re looking for something simple, compact and versatile perhaps you’ll enjoy this lovely set of two floating wall shelves. The reason for that in this case is because the wood has a lighter finish which adds warmth to the design and softens the harsh look of the metal pipes. You can display the two shelves as a pair or use them separately. The first project comes from heylilahey and is a tutorial for a DIY copper pipe shelf. The shelf is made of solid pine wood and is supported by barely visible metal hardware. A bathroom could use some pipe shelves too. Check out houseofhawthornes to find out all the details about this particular project. The Borrero floating shelf set also has a noticeable industrial vibe but is not as prominent as in the case of other models. Copyright © 2008-2020 - All Rights Reserved. The Wyndham pipe shelf is great if you’re short on space or you don’t need lots of storage and simply want something to fill the blank area on your wall with. The treads on the screws can vary and for level shelves, it is really important to make sure they are all the same height! There are shelves for displaying stuff on like books, framed pictures and other items. Speaking of bookshelves, check out this awesome project from instructables. It seems like a great source of inspiration for other similar projects so perhaps you should first look at the space available on your wall for such a unit so you can properly plan a unique design. Believe it or not, pipe shelves can actually look chic in the bedroom. DIY pipe shelves use metal pipes and fittings combined with (usually) wood to create shelving units. Speaking of eye-catching pipe shelves with cool and unexpected designs, check out this accent piece. Here's the way that has worked well for me. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Double check this as you start attaching to the wall as well. I bought 6 ft x 1 x 12 boards and had to cut them down to just over 10 inches wide to fit in the shelf correctly. I opted for pre-painted white shelves but had to trim down the width. It’s a very versatile piece suitable for contemporary, industrial and even rustic spaces. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2008-2020 - All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy and Disclosure Update Privacy Settings. It’s something that you could add to your bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway or even spaces like the living room or the dining area. If there’s one thing we learned from all these projects it’s that metal pipes go really well with wood, especially reclaimed wood. On magnolia we found a design that differs in this sense. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Make sure shelves are cut to size. You can have as many of these shelves as you want and you can install them basically anywhere such as above the door, on the wall above the toilet, by the sink, etc. This shows just how creative you can get using just a few simple things. Pipe shelves can take many different forms and while some are more common and popular, there are also a few that stand out in terms of originality and looks. It looks cool and it has these two clothing rods that basically let you have an open wardrobe in the room. Pipes are some of the most versatile things ever. Your email address will not be published. On top of that, I love the feeling of tackling a big project and seeing the end result.So… I’m the nerd who is asking for a second cordless drill for Christmas (hint hint … You can keep the cost super low if you also decide to use reclaimed wood or leftover pieces from other projects. If you like the idea, check out the full list of supplies and tools needed for the project and feel free to add your own twist to the design. Most studs are 16-inches apart and you can use. Last but not least, a project from unoriginalmom which shows you how to build stylish wall shelves for your own using pipes and wood boards. If you like how clean and simple this design is, be sure to check out all the instructions and tips so you can build your own version of the shelves. Pipes are some of the most versatile things ever. In any case, you only need a few things to make stylish and functional shelves like the ones featured on thediyplaybook. I found it easier to assemble each support bracket separately and have them ready to all attach to the wall at once. Pipe shelving systems are not cheap but are a great investment because they can be disassembled and adapted to almost any setting. This is a great idea if you have some reclaimed wood or driftwood which you want to include in your project. It’s a cool detail which makes them stand out from other similar shelves so perhaps you’d enjoy adopting this idea for your next DIY project. Maximize your home storage space by installing this very cool industrial … Learn more. they’ve made their way into the world of interior design and quite successfully, DIY pipe shelves being among the most popular of subjects. If you like the look of industrial-style pipe shelves but you’re not exactly excited about having to design and to build them yourself from scratch, there are plenty of options in stores that you can take a look at. One thing all the previous projects had in common was the fact that the pipe shelves were designed to be mounted on walls. A nice example is this set of industrial pipe shelves from simplydesigning. How to Make a Natural Linen Spray (DIY Recipe), 7 Ingredients - 20+ DIY Natural Beauty Recipes, (3) 18-inch longer ones to connect to the ground, (3) elbows (for the top shelf since I wasn’t going all the way to the ceiling), (18) tee-connectors (to connect each vertical piece to the horizontal piece that connects to the wall), (24) flange (wall mounts to connect to studs at each shelf and one to connect to the floor on each support), (7) 1-inch boards for the actual shelves (mine were 6 feet long and 10 inches wide). You can use this chic accent shelf in areas such as the living room, home office or the bedroom to display and store books, plants or collectibles. Metal pipes and wood boards can be used to put together a cool geometric wall unit.


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