By Mark Phillips, Jon Chappell . As a rule, the left thumb stays on the back of the guitar neck, positioned behind the fingers. Like the right … Right Hand Position. When you’re learning how to position your left hand for fingering frets in the classical style, try to think of your left hand as a piece of machinery locked into one position — a position … So holding the guitar and sitting as described in the first few steps, will ensure that you aren’t having to hold the guitar in position with your fretting hand. Hand … But you still need to do some holding – even though your body position and guitar position now should be pretty stable. The pad — not the tip — touches the guitar. Professional classical guitarists sit differently from other guitarists in that they hold the guitar on the left leg instead of on the … This means that we can further flex or extend each finger at will. To hold the guitar … Depending on what strings you are playing, whether you are playing single notes or chords, and how high up you are playing on the guitar neck, the thumb moves and adapts its position to accommodate the greatest ease of motion and comfort in the left hand.. Classical guitar is always played on a nylon-string guitar and in a sitting position. Lesson 2: Classical Guitar Left Hand Thumb Position. You will move your hand in other positions occasionally, but your hand will be in this default position around 90% of the time. Place your right hand on the strings around the bottom of the sound hole. Hand Below Sound Hole. This is one of the “basics of Classical guitarists play their instruments quite differently from that of any other guitar style. This is the default right hand position for classical guitar. Make … Principle #3: Appropriate Left Hand … Left hand position and finger placement (fretting hand) The thumb of your fretting hand should rest behind the neck of the guitar placing it approximately between your first two fingers. The thumb position is also flexible – it never stays in one position for long.


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