Guess the work culture hasn’t really changed that much in 8 years. It sounds like you’re doing well financially so you just need to figure out how to turn that into early retirement or a different career. Press J to jump to the feed. The unemployment rate is so low. That’s a big part of why engineering wasn’t the right fit for me anymore. When I got a real job, it was about 100% solving a problem. I switched employers after moving out of state. I subscribed your blog. Now I’m working part time in retail, hating it, and am not ready to retire. Good luck with your retirement plan. I am 40 and just being debt free for a while changed my mindset about work. Older folks with family don’t want to do that. You’ll get to work on all sorts to technical challenges when you’re young. Can u pls explain how does that work? Should I look at Associate’s degrees or certification instead? Thanks for your feedback. So many people have shared their experience. So income wise, it’s like starting over. You are just a cog in the machine. Passive income + $30k/year is not bad at all. Also, by that time I didn’t like the job much anymore. ), around how people can make their dream careers more than just a dream by harnessing the power of momentum. The stresses we face are trivial compared to many. I guess you need the right subject and professor to make headway. Only a very lucky few will have a long career in the technical field. A venture capitalist or younger engineers won’t want to work with you if you have gray hair and you expect a work-life balance. Now, let’s see why I think every engineer should plan for an early retirement. Save as much as you can while you’re young. I know exactly how you feel having gone through it myself. When I talk to my coworkers it’s a shock to them that I plan on being out of the field by at least the age of 50 if not sooner. One thing I learned in technology, unpredictable stuff happens at unpredictable times, so my happy era certainly won’t last forever, or perhaps even for much longer, but I’ve stayed prepared for this. That would be eye opening. ), started research then stopped for a couple of years, I am wondering whether this path is really going to work for me. So, I moved myself all the way to Germany for a three year contract. it makes a good case for keeping your money straight. If you refuse to work late, then you can be sure it will show up in your next annual review. Blue collar jobs are probably tough too. Good luck to those who still decide to move into the field. Check with your adviser. As stated I am not an Engineer, but a Nurse. I’m a person who doesn’t need luxury and I am resourceful in obtaining the things I want on a low budget. What a great way of not innovating, doing everything the same way. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m hoping to retire by 40, but the more honest goal is perhaps 42, we’ll see as I get closer but right now I’m trying to not focus solely on retirement as I don’t want to miss out on the years until them. I find this particularly relevant to me as I close my work laptop late at night on a Friday having just gotten done with work for my employer- the same as your old employer. Maybe they are, but then again, maybe it’s socially not typical to voice if you really don’t enjoy your profession. I chose engineering because I also had interest in science and I was good in math. I have remained unemployed and not sure what I will do next or where I will do it, but I have enjoyed the down time none the less. I do think that the smart parents/kids will put costs of college options into better prospective than the old traditional thought of sending one’s kid to an expensive, but prestigious college over on-line/community college options that may be more cost effective given one’s future career may be filled with burnout years later. And test scores would be in the 30’s – there was never any expectation in the world that anyone would ever actually solve the test questions – it was all just a matter of partial credit and grading on the curve. Four more days of SAHM life and then I’m back to the office grind….


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