Would you like to switch? I chose to buy a green smoothie in bulk because: You could mix/match flavors by choosing various flavored pre-blended smoothies or juices. Electric frother works wonder in seconds. The only catch with buying pre-blended is making sure there isn’t anything wacky in the ingredients. My husband was drawn in immediately. When we moved across the country, I had to put a few of my favorite cooking tasks on hold. Which kind of smoothie are you looking for? When that’s the case I always pack my Blendtec and my Ninja Cooker along. You can make fluffy drinks, smoothies, latte, … Directions: Add fresh, soft berries to a glass. Several years ago, Mr. Crumbs and I took advantage of a date night and browsed the aisles at Costco. Obviously, this method relies on having pre-blended produce. Press with whisk … But what do you do when you want to make a smoothie and your blender is in storage during a move, or when you don’t have a blender? Note: Don’t get tricked into thinking that you need protein powder in order to get protein in your smoothies! My mantra during seasons of transition is to “make do,” which essentially requires me to think outside the box while crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Kitchen Whisk . Banana Smoothie Green Smoothie Berry Smoothie Mango Smoothie Protein Smoothie Any Type of Smoothie. In the end, always read the label! Enjoy your smoothie made without a blender! , Very nice. We are military and sometimes get to accompany my husband on orders. Thank you for the oven door tip. And then I wondered… would it be possible to make a smoothie without a blender? The juice can warm slightly after processing, so you may need to add few ice cubes or frozen fruit when blending to avoid heating the smoothie. (Also, you can make mayonnaise with a whisk. Thanks for your well wishes Kathleen! An immersion blender smoothie whips up in no time. If you do want to get into the attachment game, you can upgrade to the $74 model, which is the same basic hand blender with a cup, mini chopper, and whisk included. Get 20% off when you join our email list, plus more offers, recipes, and nutrition tips. You need 2 simple supplies to get started: You’ll also need some specific, yet simple real food ingredients: To make your smoothie without a blender, follow these two easy steps: I’ve done this with raspberries, blackberries and an overripe banana. Please confirm that you would like to sign up for Vega e-mails. Shop Now. Shop Now, Nutrients in Vega products can support the immune system You can make that single serving smoothie with an immersion blender. No blender required. Join our email list and get 20% off your next purchase! I believe you can eat real food without going broke AND without spending all day in the kitchen - come join me! One that can hold at least 2 cups (at least a 16 oz jar – I use these mason jars) A whisk and/or spatula. . soy lecithin), preservatives and “natural flavors” or “natural colors.” Look for ones that say pure fruit, 100% fruit or something similar. It’s 5AM and all you want is a smoothie so you can nourish yourself before the day takes over. when you join our email list and receive more offers, recipes, and nutrition tips. Either way, just because there’s no blender is sight doesn’t mean you have to skip your smoothie. Discover the dangers of commercial protein supplements and learn how to make your own protein bars and protein smoothies using REAL food, and without processed powders in this ebook, High Protein No Powder. So yes, no need for fancy appliances…. Good job, and way to stretch the storebought smoothie! Or maybe you’re on the go with no shaker cup. You can use the bowl method and then use this blender to whisk the ingredients. When you immerse the blender's blades in the liquid and fire it up, it will incorporate air into the mixture, which will expand. green vegetables usually aren’t soft enough to mash without an appliance of some sort, buying in bulk was cheaper (by 50%) than buying at the grocery store. They can be noisy. Get weekly accountability, monthly meal plans and swap recipe ideas with fellow foodies in Clean Eating Club! Although shaking like crazy is a bit more fun. PERFECT FROTHED COFFEE OR CAPPUCCINOS AT HOME: Get the restaurant style perfect frothed coffee. I think I would have put the bowl in the oven for 5 minutes and then tried . My favorite so far is berries, milk, chocolate protein powder, spinach, and ginger. You dislike pulpy, frothy drinks. I’ve done this both ways and both are effective. Leave room … Pour in the pre-blended smoothie and again, either stir well or put on a lid and shake like crazy. My blender and slow cooker are on my list for sure if we do this again. Which brings me to today, where I plan to show you that with the right ingredients, you CAN make a smoothie without a blender! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. although, i can’t do it without them….. Whoa – I haven’t heard of making mayo that way. OK, I’m sort of kidding. What?! Five minutes later, he was picking out which color blender he wanted (read the full story here).


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