I was able to google this and find it in a Spanish store in Toronto, but the brand I used is … This is a short grain rice similar to Arborio and comes from Spain. Two Spanish varieties – bomba and calasparra – are favored for their unique ability to expand to 2-3 times their … The few common themes are of course Bomba Rice and Saffron. Paella There are as many ways to make Paella as there are people. The best rice for paella is bomba. If you can’t find it (it’s not the easiest thing to track down lesser-known rice … I present one recipe here with some basic tips that I think should be used for all variations of Paella… It’s a Spanish rice, short-grained and starchy. (If for some reason your rice … It’s a Spanish rice, short-grained and starchy. Watch for most of the liquid to be absorbed and the rice at the top nearly tender. The Rice: One of the keys to great paella is using the proper rice – not just anything will do. The traditional Paella rice is called Bomba rice. 5. Cook uncovered: Cook paella uncovered for 15-18 minutes, then nestle the shrimp, mussels and calamari into the mixture, sprinkle peas on top and continue to cook (without stirring) for about 5 more minutes.


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