View Single Page. Blue's Ember XLR Microphone Review - Is It Time To Upgrade Your USB Mic? This doesn’t detract from the Ember’s value, however; in fact, it’s likely why it’s such a great mic for the $100 price. New Gear Review: Ember Microphone by BLUE. Being a tech & PC gaming related channel, I set up the Ember to resemble what the average streamer setup would look like…the mic directly in front of my face, with my mouse & keyboard behind the mic, in front of my monitors. Blue Microphone. The Ember XLR mic is an affordable edition to the Blue lineup that delivers stellar sound for podcasters, YouTubers, content creators and producers on a budget. The Blue Ember microphone is a solidly built microphone that provides fantastic value for the price. The Blue Ember is a spartan XLR microphone in the sense that it provides few—if any—frivolous features. Author: David Ireland Publish date: Apr 14, 2019. The Blue Ember microphone is a studio microphone for recording, podcasting, and live-streaming. “Cardioid” is so named because the response pattern is shaped like a heart, with high sensitivity immediately in front, reducing to the sides and reducing even further to the rear. Blue's latest microphone aimed at podcasters and YouTubers, the Ember, isn't like most of the USB microphones we test. Designed with both podcasters and home-studio owners on tighter budgets in mind, Blue's Ember is a transformerless, fixed‑cardioid‑response, side-address, back-electret capacitor microphone. Tweet. The frequency response of the Blue Ember microphone is rated at 38 to 20,000 hertz (no graph is provided). The Ember provides a warm tone that is well-suited for vocals. My daily microphone for comparison is the Sennheiser MKH-416 for voiceover work. The Ember is Blue’s most affordable ($99) XLR microphone designed for “recording and live streaming.” In other words, it’s designed for anyone who likes the idea of the Yeti but wants the versatility and control provided by XLR. The Blue Ember is designed with a cardioid pickup pattern. For a versatile XLR podcasting microphone, get the Blue Ember. I've been using the Blue Ember microphone for just shy of a month as of the writing of this review. BLUE aims to deliver superior sonics to the budget microphone market with the Ember. The Blue Ember Review: Performance & Final Verdict. July 16th, 2019 by Leo Maymind.


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