One of the best ways to fix this is using System File Checker (SFC). To begin, follow the steps below: Boot your PC via Safe Mode. This tool will look for corrupted system files and repair them accordingly. Press the arrow key to select Last Known Good Configuration, then press Enter. This issue is known as KSOD (black screen of death). This problem can be very frustrating especially when you are unable to use your computer and you are unsure of the safety of your files. When Windows 7 gets to a black screen with a cursor and gets stuck there, it is likely that there are corrupted system files in your computer. KSOD happens when the login screen goes black or blank. Press the F8 key after you see the computer logo screen and before the Windows logo. This will save your Windows 7 computer and fixes your black screen with cursor in Windows 7. In this article, we are going to offer you some solutions that can help you fix the issue of Windows 7 black screen and get your computer working normally again. At this point, the Operating System is supposed to load the shell but if for some reason it has been corrupted, damaged or permissions changed then it … This is the issue where your screen goes black with just the cursor on it. One of the most common problems is when Windows 7 boots to black screen with a cursor. When you boot the PC you get nothing but a black screen. Then the Advanced Boot Options menu will show up. Wait for a while for Windows 7 to starts.


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