Starting from First Semester 2011/2012, the Final Year Project Proposal must be prepared by the BBA students on the seventh / second last semester of the study in the Business BBA Final Year Project - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. With general guide lines on how to write a Project Report For the students of BBA Consult your Guide from time to time, as well as whenever necessary, carry out suggested changes by your guide and then proceed for next step. endstream I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. endobj • Finalization of the Project Report Student should obtain clearance from their respective guide before final printing of the final project report. ���St��ɍ�D�ߟ�������96�� ,r���LJF8)��T��ם���g��}�[�a�6(X�9MP�9���y�=���D����"�s���t�������n����t{N49��q���w�T*И��LF����� s�`Ir���*,n�����`��sCLz��y��E��^�;�z�T�`��z���r.�>�逋�c#�89�Y��f�FM���7���S�h�=P]sw��opC06}{0Hx��~}&���X� ���I���Ν��|��F;7�y��� ȫ��Cq�gۭ�.��ƌ`� ��U�̯D�p�F�;�z���m�v�_���6f��m��m`Kr��A�N��"f�.�3��3�g�,t��"�q�zd�. ... how to get BBA project PDF? Microsoft Word - Project guidelines.docdAGAR Replies. endstream : IST-2001-35304 Project Co-ordinator: Frits Vaandrager Project Start Date: 1 April 02 Duration: 39 months Components of Project Report endobj It also help to learn how to write research project report, how to conduct survey, how to collect data, how to prepare graph, charts. <> <> FINAL PROJECT REPORT August 2007 Project no. ��K�y��܄5�����ƒ���˝0����;h5i���–��Ug���*�����>��[�����TfH���C�J���$heK�B�'$FC����tFb�Ea���/C���=�s����tRq�2��zV�h�V&�^Ǹd���¡����;c�yz�0���w�K*o�ݬ�� �oB! endobj <> 17 0 obj 16 0 obj +91 9500088927 | +91 96001 14466 23 0 obj 1500/- Call +91-9920329254, +91-22-28550428 or Email Visit 22 0 obj 5 0 obj <>stream endobj <> Final Year Project Proposal and Project Paper for the Final Year Academic Project Paper course (MGM 4999) of the Bachelor of Business Administration program (BBA). Final Year MBA, BBA, PGDBA, PGDM, PGDMHB‎ Project Guide, Help, Assistance, New Project Synopsis, Project Proposal, Project Report, PPT at Rs. Financial Accounting Dissertation Topics or Ideas, Finance Project Report on Inventory Management. FINAL PROJECT REPORT August 2007 Project no. endobj I am running free online flash gaming website name x��Is����W�)y���h�8:^RNe�E�R>�$EK��$�C~}{���M�T�T, {zݍƇ���Ml�rb�_>8��ꅙ�nvA����_N�B;����N_���e.Z�ɱ�03s;�������kT��OG53����1�2�����"�������g%��Du:�,���/G3kB��{�SZ��_���6~������׷�,��͚́�`�[4e�޿= �R0���P��W�,u�E��a>���(�l���b�$_`���F8i�g�Ҕepr!���u�;&R��5ҫϚ�A�a6sQc}WsA �����ZQ��"e��H����M=M*��2N#q��i�8�n���N���X�L[n��x5������a!_"��F��$r2\\��Z����k��p������� ='ҫ�b��B-y�i��J}q8�Y8c�5dy��f'"%7�2�&���yV�'���>B�#@�NZ��ڈG�5L���V�̀7/��?��D����8�C�J_�� &��� �ax#�fn:pB���Gi*. �7E�oZ�������GI�d�ch�K|�7.b5|)O5���_��΋R6��PxI��լI!�}X��r�K endobj endobj • Paper The size of the paper sheet: … ��B�y9��u)�΁����ɺ������GE�UMU��u� �E��Kīp�P���"-F�c#�^�@�V��m��҃��i�H3�\��E�^�B �3���" Q���sx��BD~�e�h*��j!�ٔ�r��O#��d����-�b��d���+��9#}:9�����-I���T�K


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