2. Just kidding! He knows women only want to suck the life out of a man. He’s conscious and aware that his thoughts create his reality. “Damsel in constant distress” is not sexy to a high-value guy. And even if I’d find, someone I’d do so. Which is a good thing. A high value man knows how master his mind moment to moment. he also needs to be a problem solver in relationship, he’s dedicated to the relationship so when he encounters a problem, he’s not seeking to change partner first but to solve problem first. The best guy isn’t a mind-reader, but he is an expert at following the signs if you make them clear enough. A high value man will not expect you to read his mind, even when he thinks it’s obvious, he will talk to you before he acts in a negative manner. A man can see the value of a woman in how she treats others (and this goes for men too!) You need to be saved from your family? He might not like the “damsel in constant distress”, but the “damsel having an occasional freak out” will make him drive all night like a knight riding to save a princess. Wow…..ok so the guy I’m dating is a douche bag and the guy that’s into me is essentially a keeper. He’ll stroke your hair and tell you you’re incredible. A high value guy often has had experiences with low value women who want the guy to basically pay for their life in all ways. One trait I would add to this excellent list is that he is willing and able to resolve differences in a mature fashion because he’s committed to making the relationship work. he has self-esteem and measures his life on more than just achievement. He doesn’t feel ok simply shrugging his shoulders when he promised to pick up your shopping on the way home and just forgot. Why? This was very helpful. Quick tip: you might want to proofread :) “Hi beautiful. Stephen, you just made me believe in my dreams and that these super guys exists! He seeks adventure not to impress you, but because he wants to grab life and suck up experiences while he’s on this earth. Best regards! An article about the type of guy I’m looking for. At his core, he’s self-motivated. After reading this I thought wow! I think that was a great list of good qualities – but not of a high value man, but an extremely exceptional man. A giving man that pays for dates and a relatively higher proportion of expenses in the relationship. Just a lovely reminder how lucky I am to have him. When it comes to himself, his betterment, his career, his friendships, even the plans he makes on his weekends; this guy operates on full commitment. Let’s get started! He knows how to lean in and steal a kiss in a classy, gentlemanly way that is incredibly appropriate and sexy. Family. Some men will say what you want to hear in order to get what they want. He’ll comfort you. I envision Matthew and Stephen sitting across from each other arguing about what traits to include in this article and what not to. I suppose related to that I would add “gives you your space”. I too dreamt of such a man, and was firm that wont let any man in my life who doesnt beleive in commitments….but alas i got a man who has every quality you described + the above post, except the fact that he cant stop flirting to other girls, neither can he stop checking them out in front of me, moreover he says he wants a polygamous relationship…..its quite painful to bear this attitude of his, neither he wants to leave me nor change. You mean I don’t have to go to Narnia or Wonderland to find them? Patience was very difficult for me to learn. He avoids and ignores them. They don’t have to be the most verbal, or communicate 24/7 how they are feeling, but it is so important to have those emotions communicated in a clear manner. He doesn’t hunt. I have had quality guys who were over the moon and ready to just dive in. Just enjoy it (and for god’s sake let him know how happy his effort makes you ­– positive reinforcement works!). Love this, sending it to my friends. He’s fiercely loyal, but ready to double-down on his principles when his view differs from everyone else’s. He doesn’t run from the difficult or sensitive conversation. I am waiting impatiently and i am curious about your answer Stephen. He never lets rejection get to him. There are no value qualities on your list pertaining to respect-trust-forgiveness-honesty. Where can I find a guy such as this? But a high value woman keeps a bit of mystery about her. When you ask him what he wants he responds, “what everyone wants, true love. I am always reading a good advice like yours to ease the pain of what I am struggling as of now. Thoughtful and well written Stephen!! 1. It is no wonder why I am such an admirer. Thats his my man. JUST WOW!!! We’ve been together just over 3 years now and I’m still raving about your programs! It also allows him to share things about himself earning her trust before the first date even happens. It has to do with self-love, self-care and having an eye for style. He doesn’t try to get into her bed because he first wants to get into her head. I would say a guy who doesn’t have these things would cause more pain than anything because these things really are pretty basic and essential for a healthy, mature guy. Of course, he’s still human. Why? If he has to excuse himself briefly, he doesn’t leave her alone without first kissing her hand, cheek or forehead. A high value man knows that no one is perfect. Know I’m thinking of you.” Then at 7pm he calls like he said he would. There’s also an element of time and timing that is really important here. 2) lives in a downtown loft/ condo, or live in one of the 650 super zip codes, or live on an inherited estate. They exist but just not for long on dating sites, because as soon as they find what they believe to be a high value women they are no longer on the dating sites. I felt like it is a good list to go over every now and then to make sure that we are on track and more of like a self reminder of what needs to be worked on, I guess. My problem is not so much that I can’t find a man, I find acceptable men all the time. Follow Stephen For More Updates – Click Here, Your email address will not be published. Give HIM a chance to listen. OMG! This one might seem like it immediately invalidates the previous point, but it doesn’t. I love this site! Reading this article just shine light on the high-value guy I now have in my life directly due to having purchased Get the Guy & Keep the Guy. He knows they’re only interested in his money. You’ll be more like, “Love, you were aware of the deadline well in advance, and it would be much appreciated if you did not cram in this manner.” If your sweet Mum called your Dad at 4am to read a paper (doesn’t make sense, but let’s say they were sleeping in different locations in this example), he’d be like “bloody hell, you have got to be kidding…”. So i prefer to stay alone than being hurt… Sometimes, he has a bad day or a bad period in his life. His shoes are clean. Women believe they know how to listen and be a friend, but to their girlfriends, men can be different. Give HIM a chance to be vulnerable. It could be an internal way of being and seeing the world. This is essentially the philosophy of a high value guy. Most men never see this because as your article alludes to, they never become a high value enough man to become exposed to the high value females. A high value man knows he’s a fun person to be around. Being not married doesn’t mean anything. Talk to him. Copyright © 2019. If it phrased as something you are going to do because of how you feel about him it set a better tone than something like. I recently went to a Self Improvement Seminar (and there was a big price tag) where there were thousands (with an s) of such women. We all can stand to grow and my suggestion to you is, be what you want or aim lower. Thanks a mil Stephen. It’s a bit reality … Someone whose back I can have and who will have mine, a ride or die partnership.” He wants a committed relationship but not just any relationship.


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